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About us

Welcome to MD Saini Perfumers

  • By MD Saini Perfumers

MD Saini Perfumers is successor to Lala Prayag Dutt & Company . MDS Perfumers was founded by Anupam Saini, with the moto to satisfy our valued customers and providing them the best 100% pure ,natural genuine concentrolled products of the manufacturing business earned a good name & fame , where the products were just by the name of the company . MD Saini Perfumers is the leading manufacturers and B2B supplier of therapeutic-grade 100% organic essential oils, carrier oils, and allied products to some of the leading brands around the globe. Since their inception, they have focused on producing high-quality organic products through well-recognized practices like steam distillation for essential oils and cold pressing for carrier oils. After an initial rise by Lala Pragdutt & comapany and founded by Late Mr.Moradhwarj Saini introduced a visionary mindset supported by a technical background giving birth to an organized system.

Followed by an expansion of the product range, adoption of a customer-centric approach and introduction of different types of packaging in various sizes to cater customers of all scales. Another landmark was added by MD Saini who introduced the cosmetic segment while sticking to the principles of organic products & customer-centric approach. At MD Saini Perfumers, delivering the highest quality is their first priority. With expertise behind developing the most effective solutions to meet the market demand of organic products, they lay high emphasis on factors like quality of products, hygiene of workers, and packaging of the products. .

    Our Values

  • Service to all
  • Total integrity
  • Our Commitment
  • 100% Secracy
  • Absolute commitment to quality
  • No compromise on being who we are
  • Respect and devotion to Mother Nature
  • Leading Manufacturar and supplier of this field

Our Vision & Mission

In order to keep pace with the world, we guarantee to bring you 100% authentic products that meet the international standards. With our diverse product line, we aim to specialize in all categories and bring to you the best of each. We at M.D.S.P believe that success does not come easy. For this reason, we constantly strive to bring you top of the line, highest quality products by paying attention to the tiniest of details while choosing them. Center of our utmost focus is the origin of products. We have received a remarkable presence in India . However we still have a long way to go. Our ambitions have no limits and in achieving them, after the help of God, we depend on our distinguished human resources and our customers which are our most valuable assets.